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ATV Feeder

Introducing the Feed Train ATV Feeder! Manufactured in Unionville, Missouri, the ATV Feeder offers the perfect alternative to bucket feeding livestock in remote areas.

The ATV Feeder supports many types of feed (including cubes) and features a feed capacity of 500lbs and a 4" auger designed to fill bunks of all heights.

Standard Features:

•   Attaches to all ATV styles using a 2" Ball Hitch at 12" height
•   15' long controller cord for dispensing feed
•   Dual speed remote that allows user to dispense feed at a rate of 9 seconds per 5 gallons on LO, and 4.5 seconds per 5 gallons on HI
•   Equipped with battery tender and circuit breaker protection on all electronics 
•   Large 18"x28" opening fill lid and translucent white plastic tank for ease of feed level visibility and flow

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Feed Train ATV Feeder

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